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Jo Vanbelle, managing partner of Vanbelle Law Boutique, took the initiative to create, develop and coordinate VB Alliance, together with a careful selection of independent service providers with a wide range of expertise. 

Together we believe that professionals and companies are often struggling to find trusted and appropriate partners in different areas of expertise.  A lot of time and energy is lost in the process.  Sometimes, wrong choices are made or different partners don’t seem to be compatible to collaborate.

VB Alliance finally offers an alternative and provides a one-stop destination for professionals and companies for a wide range of services and solutions, each of which are offered by carefully selected independent providers, sharing the same business values and client approaches and wanting to work together to make the client’s life easier, more efficient and complete.



Vanbelle offers a wide range of (international) legal services to the professional market and towards HNWI, particularly in the areas of tax, inheritance and estate planning, corporate law and business (re)structuring, real estate, expats and professional migration.

KBO BE0833.281.270

Tax & Accountancy


Hugo Decker is a registered accountant and tax advisor with over 40 years of experience. Together with his team, Decker Accountancy is a full-service accounting firm that takes care of all accounting obligations of companies and independent individuals and their (national or international) tax obligations. The team also provides audit and due diligence services, business and company share value assessments and business plans for startups.

KBO BE0760.334.795

Real Estate

Dim immo

Dimitri Vanderputten and his team provide high-end real estate services, both for the residential and professional markets. They look for the perfect property to rent buy or sell, and they also offer all related services to ensure the perfect management of real estate investment properties (such as rental and property inventories, value assessment, and income management). Dim’Immo is officially registered as real estate agent in Belgium.

KBO BE1000.708.319


Van Dessel

Van Dessel Insurance Brokers ranks among the top five independent insurance brokers in Belgium, with more than 40.000 national and international clients.

KBO BE0446.433.491



DUCFIN provides all types of loans for the private and professional sectors, with a focus on real estate and business development and investments. Besides that, DUCFIN and its partners also invest in the purchase and development of residential and commercial real estate projects. They provide audit services to optimize existing or future financial obligations of private clients and companies (pay less, get more).

KBO BE0454.068.579



Everclean offers a wide range of services and products for the professional market, with a focus on office facilities (office supplies, furniture and decoration, etc), cleaning services and hygienic machinery, tools and products for the professional market (hospitals, retirement homes, industry). The focus is based on client satisfaction, performance and efficiency, competitive prices and quality of products.

KBO BE0872.757.597

A global team of highly skilled professionals

VB Alliance offers its services and solutions on a global scale, both geographically and professionally: all our solutions and available worldwide, depending on the client’s needs and expectations.


Comprehensive  solutions

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VB Alliance is a one-stop destination for a wide variety of services and solutions both for the professional client and the high net-worth individual.

Jo Vanbelle


Jo Vanbelle


Jo Vanbelle


Jo Vanbelle


Omar Osman

CEO Innovance Technologies (Andorra)

“We were so delighted to be able to develop an important new geographical market for the products of one of our clients, thanks to the professional network of VB Alliance all over Europe and their follow-up with the different players involved”

Manuel Evers

CEO ME7 Consultancy

“We’ve been able to develop a new joint venture with a competitor of our client in another country, thanks to the expertise and experience of the legal, accounting and tax department at VB Alliance both in Belgium as abroad”

Tunahan Koçyigit

Founder of TKN Infra+

“VB Alliance has helped me from scratch to set up my new business, providing my legal services to constitute a company and draw up essential documents and contracts, as well as a comprehensive business plan, opening of a bank account, required insurance covers for my professional risks, offices, vehicles and staff, my first office equipment and tools”.

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Answers to the most common questions

VB Alliance is a one-stop destination for a wide variety of services and solutions both for the professional client and the high net-worth individual.


What solutions does VB Alliance provide?

We are a one-stop destination for an inclusive and holistic range of services and solutions for professionals and companies worldwide, as well as for high net-worth individuals (HNWI).


Why should we choose VB Alliance?

The originality in the concept of VB Alliance is that you can find all the solutions and services you require in one single place (one stop), which will save you a lot of time and energy. This approach also avoids mistakes in choosing appropriate providers and ensures of a solid and efficient collaboration between the different service providers, coordinated by VB Alliance.


Is VB Alliance a company or another structure?

VB Alliance is a contractually structured group of independent service providers that share the same professional and moral values towards clients, business and society. Each provider is an independent contractor with its own company structure, staff and infrastructure. VB Alliance coordinates the different services that the client requires to facilitate the process as a whole and to improve efficiency and costs.


Is VB Alliance a Belgian initiative or does it operate internationally?

VB Alliance was created by Jo Vanbelle, managing partner of Vanbelle Law Boutique, situated in Brussels and with network offices all over the world. With an experience approaching 30 years in this field, Jo Vanbelle often saw clients struggling with the quest of finding a decent and appropriate provider for a wide range of services, both nationally and internationally. The activities of VB Alliance are global: a solution is found for any territory, question or problem a client may require or experience.

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